Burn Mountain

We left the town at a good pace, our horses were rested, the wind blew more in open space, I saw in the face and hands which I could not protect because in one I had the rein and in the other my camera, there was nothing left to endure the intense cold. The road lasted for almost three hours, surrounded several hills to find a place that Carlos knew, – To that place tourists do not go because they are far away, only the Huichols when it is time for offerings they can get there, and like none Of the three of us, we are tourists, I do not think there is any problem in taking them – fortunately Carlos was a good friend of the Huichols and he knew the way. We could hardly talk on the road, the wind blew hard and hit the ears, preventing us from talking without shouting. Finally before us the mountain was shown, a little more than three hours away, and there was still a long stretch to reach the summit.

We started our walk, the camera and my equipment weighed four times more, at least it was the feeling that gave me, height, cold and wind made it more difficult, but soon we took our step to finally arrive. A small building for offerings at the top of the mountain and some songs that came from within, Frank turned to see me and said with his accent marked- Well it seems you were right, who would say, who would say it, was the voice of Concepción , a wixarika from Nayar who had arrived the night before after two days of traveling from her home and who had begun her walk that same night with two of her daughters to bring offerings to the gods eagle, deer and rabbit to take care of her recently deceased husband. I greeted her and introduced myself, I showed her on my phone the photographs I had taken some years ago in San Andrés Coahmiata, she was able to recognize some of the people I photographed, which gave her the confidence and she agreed to be photographed, they were not more than three minutes, two horizontal shots, two vertical shots, no more.

It was time to return, the road was long, but not so long as to find Concepción.