It was the first time I traveled to Sonora, I had heard so many stories, so many news of how dangerous it is to travel to the North of Mexico, a region controlled by the big drug cartels. But going through that region is the only way to reach the native peoples of the North, some towns that I had a long time to want to know.

Getting to Navojoa, is having to make the trip in two days, it is very tedious to do it often, so I camped in front of the sea, in a place called El Dorado, Sinaloa. Which few days later, different people who knew about it were surprised that I stayed there, it is a dangerous place, I think it was my good luck who saved me again.

Desert landscapes, sand dunes, high altitude cacti, I had never seen such beautiful landscapes, but that beauty pays very expensive, because the heat is much, day and night the earth is hot, that’s why the people of the north is hard and strong, they have learned to adapt to these extreme conditions, but beneath that hardness and strength, they are people of great kindness who always give you the best and extend your hand when you need help.