It was a week before the Purépecha New Year celebration that I learned of its existence, which dates back to pre-Hispanic times. I could not miss the opportunity to live this experience up close, so I prepared my photographic equipment, made a small suitcase and made my way to the State of Michoacán.

It was a very tired trip, leaving the city of Austin are more than 18 hours away, camping on the side of the road to get the next day a walk of more than 80 kms. The walk is part of the celebration of the new year, where the Purépecha people move the old fire to the town that will be the new guardian of the new fire for a year, ensuring that it does not go out in that period of time, until returning to perform the walk to move back to the fire.

Three days of walking, the legs ended exhausted, the back with great pain, dust and sweat were part of my days. In the end I understood that this pain and suffering was part of celebrating life, of celebrating the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.