Arriving with the Otomi people was a more difficult task than I had thought.

I left the city of Monterrey on December 30, my plan was to advance as much as I could to the State of Hidalgo to find a good place to camp and spend the new year. The cold and the rain were constant all the way. he had no more reference to the Otomís but they live in towns located along the mountain between Puebla and Hidalgo. The first town I came to was Tenango de Doria, which I thought would be Otomí. Unfortunately it was not like that, some people from the town gave me references, I would have to drive through the mountains to the town of San Pablito, where according to people I would find them.

The road was narrow, the fog and rain for much of the journey. The problem of indigenous peoples is a common denominator throughout Mexico, they have been losing the use of traditional clothing, that is the most difficult part of the Native Nation project, to find people.

After a few hours I arrived in town, fortune was on my side to find two young women who allowed me to portray them. Three days on the road, two portraits. Everything had been worth it.