I never thought that it would become the most important thing in my life, I saw myself as a painter, a muralist, like the great Mexican muralists, Rivera, Siqueiros, and Orozco. And it was for a while, painting opened the doors to worlds that only existed in my head, but destiny had another path for me. Photography. Immediately it was an almost natural, instantaneous connection, the experimentation became something of my day to day, I learned what could be improved and took notes of everything. Every trial and error was documented. I never had anyone teach me photography or take some time to show me the correct technique, but I was able to discover it for myself. And it was beautiful.

I was born and raised in Mexico. I now reside in Austin, Texas where I base my photography business.

From an early age, I discovered that traveling opens up the perspective of the world and its interaction among humans, and that is how I began to specialize in portrait photography. I have arrived in villages where people do not speak my language or I speak their language, but I have managed to communicate with them. I have known paths that without the photography I would have never known, some of those roads controlled by drug cartels or organized crime. Each trip represents a series of risks and obstacles, which I have learned to overcome in one way or another, achieving in each trip my goal, to get the photographs I want.

I have learned to trust my instinct, I have learned to know my limits and know how far it is sufficient because you have to know how to be brave and not a fool.